Princeton Public Library, reading and talk about her book “Dressed for a Dance in the Snow”. April 2020. A video about her life and work, by Open Road Integrated Media.



An interview with El País newspaper about her book Dressed for a Dance in the Snow. A Television interview (BTV) about her novel A Revolver for Going Out at Night With.



A panel discussion with Tzvetan Todorov and Juan Goytisolo at the CCCB. Speaking about her book The Intruder. An Intimate Portrait of Gala Dalí.



Dressed for a Dance in the Snow book launch, at Llibreria Laie, Barcelona. An interview with Libertad Digital about her book Roses from Stalin.



Lecturing about Russia, the Gulag and Alexander Solzhenitsyn, at the Economy Circle (Cercle d’Economia). Philosopher Josep Ramoneda was the moderator of the event. Panel discussion about the fall of the Berlin wall, with film director Carles Bosch, at the CCCB..



Reading a text related to pandemics, an online event organized by the Barcelona Town Hall. Explaining the project of her book Dressed for a Dance in the Snow.