Beautiful Stranger. Prague and its uprooted culture

La bella extranjera. Praga y el desarraigo
Báltica Editorial, Madrid, 2021

Prague is one of the most visited capitals in Europe. Yet beyond the Baroque exuberance of its buildings, the mysterious charm of its Jewish Quarter and its narrow, cobbled streets, Prague emanates a beauty that is strange, foreign in nature. The richness of the different identities which forged its own enigmatic, evasive one have turned this city into an epitome of the great European narrative. In this book, Monika Zgustova offers us a unique vision of her native city, a city of laughter and forgetting, in which the echoes of Soviet military boots in that August of 1968 can still be heard. In the corners and the cafés of this singular personal chronicle of Prague, the reader will see writers and artists such as Marina Tsvetáieva, Toyen, Milan Kundera, Milena Jesenská, Václav Havel, Bohumil Hrabal… And, of course, Kafka. A literary route through one of the most literary cities in world history.